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Welcome to the MOG NATION!  The goal of our community is to provide mature, like-minded gamers with access to active guilds for the most popular MMO’s on the market.  The MOG Nation will foster a multi-gaming mindset allowing members the freedom to choose which games they want to play, when they want to play them.  But PC games isn't where we stop! So pick your poison! We also support FPS games, MOBAs, strategy, tabletop games and consoles!

So what does "MOG" stand for?  It stands for "Massive Online Gaming."  But here at the MOG Nation, we stand for much more than a name.  We are a dedicated family of gamers that strive to build a community around these concepts:

-Players with a mutual respect for each other
-Having an open mind to the schedules of working professionals and parents
-Encompassing a wide range of play styles from Hardcore to Casual
-Players interested in ALL aspects of MMO game play from PvP to PvE to Crafting and Exploration
-Players not afraid to branch out and try many different games, game types and platforms
-Community members that want to engage in productive discussions about the gaming industry
-Members who endeavor to give back to our society through charitable events and contributions
-Overall, we humbly aim to be AWESOME

Sound right up your alley? Join our family! Let MOG Nation be the premiere "one-stop shop" for your community, gaming, guild, streaming and podcasting needs!  Our goal is to make MOG Nation the last gaming community you'll ever need!  You can help us continue to build this outstanding community into something truly special!


We really need to start ramping up for this year's Extra Life event! Not only are we having a live stream on 8/9 concentrating on getting sign ups, but we will be participating in the official Extra Life event in October 2014. Before we can show our charitable pride to the world, we need to get our team up to par! For a community that has members in the thousands, we only have 25 people signed up on our Extra Life Team. Please go sign up! Here's the link:

Remember, you must re-register every year, so if you registered for last year's event, you'll need to do it for 2014. Then you can join our team. 

Here are some points:

You don't have to donate if you can't do it. But you can ask your friends and family!

You don't have to participate in the event for the whole 24 hours. Do 1 or 2 hours if that is all you can swing.

Please join the MOG Nation Team. It makes a difference for us! Show your MOG Pride!

CHALLENGE:  I am personally challenging every one of our members to donate $20 to one of our team members! If you see $0 on their tally, donate to them! Let's pay it forward so every one of our team members has a donation under their belt!

All-in-All, come help out. We need you.
Need a new PC? MOG Nation is proud to announce our partnership with DogHouse Systems! Every system purchased using the MOGNation code (as described on the link on our public site will receive double memory for free. In addition, MOG Nation will get a small percentage to keep our site up and running. There is also an exclusive MOG Nation case available for purchase! So if you're looking for an outstanding custom-built gaming system, head over to our public news site and click the link! Help support your gaming community and get some free memory at the same time :)

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Click on the "Gallery" section to see our exclusive case!

Welcome to 2014, MOG!

Kash posted Jan 2, 14

I hope your 2013 holiday season was filled with family, friends and tons of new games under your tree!  We're very proud to have made it through another with each other relatively unscathed!  There are great things coming to our community this year and we can't wait to spend it with all of you!  With that, welcome to 2014!  Let's make this a great year as a gaming family and let us not forget why we are here:  Community & Fun! 

With Much Love & Respect,

Your MOG Nation Staff


Please take the time to read this wall of text, er, message about the MOG Nation.  Thank you!

The Village Idiot

The MOG Nation is proud to officially announce the addition of the Knights of Arcadia, a World of Warcraft Guild, to our family. KOA is a very well-known guild on the Dark Iron (PVP) Server. They were founded in 2005 by Penny Arcade. They are also part of an in-game union called the Penny Arcade Alliance. They currently house approximately 200 active WoW players that range from Casual to Hardcore. They have a very active raiding contingent and they are currently progressing well through MoP content. Some of you have already met KoA’s fearless leader "World Gamer Fin” on the MOG Nation forums and in our Mumble server. Our Council will soon welcome Fin into his position in our leadership structure.

Through a series of meeting and discussions over the past few weeks, the vote to bring the Knights of Arcadia to the MOG Nation was unanimous and marked the first official vote under our new Council system. We are very excited to partner with KoA to bring an active presence into what is still the biggest game on the market. In the coming days, KoA will transition their members to a new website and into our growing family. Please welcome these members with open arms and let’s show them some warm MOG Nation hospitality.
Welcome aboard, Knights!



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