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Tinkermaven: The Formative Years

Tinkermaven was more intelligent than your average Goblin. With his father deployed to the front lines as a Horde Sapper in the conflict with the Alliance, Tinkermaven spent his formative years living with his Uncle Fizzlefinger on the island of Kezan. Much of his intellect came directly from watching his Ol’ Uncle.

Unlike many other Goblins, Tinkermaven feels a sense of honor and loyalty to the Horde for providing purpose to his family during the war. Although Tinkermaven lost his father to the war in a bomb supply mission gone awry (everyone knows Goblins and explosives don’t mix), he can’t forget how the wages his father sent home while serving the Horde provided for their security during those difficult years.

As a toddler, Tink spent many hours exploring the reaches of Uncle Fizzlefinger’s laboratory. Uncle Fizzlefinger was an amazing archanist researcher, but unfortunately not a very good arcane user, so he spent much of his time building useable Goblin gadgets to sell on the market. Much of his Uncle’s ingenuity was observed by Tinkermaven from below a workbench and he absorbed a great deal of it, transferring the knowledge to his own inventions later in his youth.

As he grew into a teenager, Tinkermaven continued his love of exploration on Kezan and the surrounding wilds. He would spend hours upon hours scouring every corner of his environment, eavesdropping on the locals and searching for new and useful items to add to his gadget construction supplies. Many hours were spent hunting, trapping and fishing for the local wildlife and camping in the wilderness in solitude with his various animal companions. Tinker would count the hours until he finished work in his Uncle’s shop and could venture into the wilds once more.

Despite his love of exploration and the outdoors, there is one thing in this world that absolutely makes Tinkermaven tick. Gems. Shiny, beautiful, “precious” Gems. Nothing will sway his attention into a transe-like state faster than a rare gem. Ever hear someone yell “SQUIRREL!” Yep, that’s Tinkermaven when he sees a raw gemstone. He swears he can feel the innate power emanating from them. When he picks one up, he can feel it pulsing in his hands. He keeps a huge collection of gemstones – ranging from healing crystals to meditation rocks.

He often takes to spelunking the local caves for days on end in search of new and undiscovered gem-laden rocks. He is hopelessly, indubitably addicted to the glitter and shine of these precious stones and he is always striving to find innovative ways to use them in his inventions. He’s also tapped into them as a power source for his engineering creations!

One of his most ingenious inventions, the Sawed-Off Bone-Obliterator Shotgun is at the top of his development list. This shotty will be an absolute game changer for hunters! If he could only find a power source worthy of it’s potential. It requires one thing that is in very short supply: the incredible power of the elusive Shadowruby. He's never actually held one in his hands, but he's read numerous scrolls about the mysterious stone. Extracted only from rich Leystone deposits, this precious gemstone is only found in the furthest, most treacherous reaches of Azeroth and Tinkermaven knows the dangers of what it takes to attain it. Or does he?

Feeling the confinement of his home city and a longing to explore and discover Azeroth’s hidden secrets (and gems, mostly it’s the gems) on his own terms, Tinkermaven will soon set out on a journey of his own. Untried. Untested. He will find his true purpose, even if it kills him (possibly multiple times). He longs to belong to something much larger than himself and his fellow Goblins….and mostly to have more gems than they do.

Day 10, Durotar

I spent the day working my way towards this “Barrens” land. I did a lot of hunting, fishing, cooking and a bit of gem hunting on my day trip. It wasn’t quite the same without Chesapeake, but I made do. I pulled out one of my inventions, a Flux Capacitor robot prototype model I constructed last season. He’s small enough to fit in my pack, so I activated him and let him follow me around. It made the trek less lonely. Then he started picking fights with some of the local critters, which I found amusing, so I let him go at it.

I also had a strange encounter with a yellow spotted cat creature. It appeared to be a female, but unlike some of the other fauna in this strange land, she didn’t attack me on sight. She simply paralleled my route for several miles, quietly and inquisitively. When I stopped to roast some boar meat I had harvested, she slyly worked her way toward the aroma of raw meat. I threw a nice, juicy haunch in her direction and she practically inhaled it. Immediately after her effortless meal, she sat down right next to me! I tried to pet her, but she snarled a bit. After a few more scraps of meat, she warmed up nicely and let me rub the scruff of her neck.

I continued on my day hike to a place called “Crossroads”. I think I’ll hang around here for a few days before I get working on some jobs I acquired at the Horde Outpost. It seems like a good place to meet up with other adventuring types. Hopefully this beautiful cat sticks around. If she does, I think I’ll call her “Javana.” Tink Out.


Day 9, Orgrimmar

The ocean passage was rough. I puked. Several times. Luckily, a deckhand had some peacebloom tea that put me out for a good leg of the journey. Once I woke up, I had my sea legs and I was good to go. But by that time, we reached land.

Orgrimmar is a sight to behold. It’s huge, stony and spiky. Right on the coastline of the Great Sea, the city itself is built right into a canyon between two mountain ranges. This place is amazing! There are adventurers everywhere. Some of them are massive and sport the most amazing battle gear I’ve ever seen! Some of it glows! They look quite formidible. Many of them even have huge pets they can ride around or fly on! I gotta get me one of those.

The scale of this place is mind-blowing. There’s an auction house, a bank to store my stuff, trainers for all kinds of valuable adventuring skills, inns, stables, zeppelin flying machines, and even a barber shop! I might have to get me a buzz cut. They have sporting events where you can have your pets fight each other and weird looking bat-things to fly you all over the place!

There are also many kinds of creatures I’ve never seen before. Strange looking creatures. There’s a cow-looking thing, those jungle-trolls, big furry walking bears and some graceful prancing elves with red eyes. The ones that creep me out, though, *Puts a hand to the side of his mouth and whispers* look like they're dead. But they walk! And talk! And they stink like rotting flesh to boot. I’m gonna just steer clear of those friggen’ things.

I haven’t had much time to explore the surrounding lands as of yet. But don’t you worry, I will. For now, I’ve been sent to an outpost in a place called the Barrens. Apparently this is Horde land is a vital link between my friends the Orcs and some race called the Tauren. Hmm, they sound small. Not sure what these military types need me to do once I get there, but they offered me some coin to lend a hand. I’ll give it a shot and let ya know what happens. Tink Out.

Saying goodbye to my pal Chesapeake.Day 8, Lost Isles

I looked everywhere. I went to the caves, the old shipwreck, the Town-in-a-Box and the Naga encampment. I finally found Chesapeake under the docks where the Horde ship was docked. I’m very sad to report that my friend Chesapeake isn’t going to accompany me to Orgrimmar with the Horde. I think all of the commotion here in the Lost Isles was just too much for him. Besides, this is his home – by the sea. I’m heartbroken. But he’ll be at peace here. No more fights for Chesapeake. He needs to stay where he feels secure and safe. So long, my good friend. We’ve had a time.

I depart for Orgimmar tomorrow. That’s it for today. My eyes are leakin’. Tink Out.

Day 7, Lost Isles

Well, about a metric-shizz ton of things have happened today. I ended up meeting back up with Warchief Thrall and the Horde. We knocked the Ol’ Trade Prince down to size, the old salt. I also happened to catch word that the two-timing tramp of an ex-girlfriend of mine had been with chiseled Chip Dale for quite some time. As a matter of fact, their little fling just happened start while we were still a thing. When I confronted them about it, they actually tried to kill me! Quite unfortunately for both of them, I turned ‘em into chum.

When all was said and done, Warchief Thrall actually asked me to join his Horde. He guaranteed me safe passage onboard his ship to a place called Orgrimmar. I don’t know where it is and nor do I care. All I know is that it’s not an island. I want off this nasty rock. So I accepted.

What’s more important though, I can’t find Chesapeake anywhere. He disappeared during the scuffle with the High Prince and I’m not sure where he’s gone. I think all of this adventure got the best of him. I’m gonna look for him. I need to know for sure what he wants before I get on that ship. I have a bad feeling he’s not coming with me.  Tink Out.