As a rule of thumb when playing a survival title remember this: EVERYTHING WANTS YOU TO DIE. That rule definitely applied when I had the chance to get my hands on Above and Beyond Technologies  new survival title, Fragmented.


Fragmented comes to players as a prequel to the current mmorpg in development, The Repopulation. Set in the time before Rhyldan was populated you take the reins of a lone survivor who’s crash landed on an alien, primitive planet. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to step foot in the movie Predators, this is pretty close. The environment in Fragmented is very hostile and rugged. It’s not out of the ordinary for you to be checking your inventory and some disgruntled blue alien out of Avatar try to eat your face. (look at it this way, the aliens REALLY like you.)


The map in Fragmented is over 6 kilometers in size and features forest, desert and snow biomes. Since Fragmented is a survival title your body will react to each biome your currently in. Having a quiet stroll from the comfortable forest to the harsh desert will leave your body hot and vice versa in the snow biome. At its core, if Fragmented has done anything right it’s the beautiful visuals. Unreal Engine was a solid choice for this game and is truly something to behold. The world around you teems with life, and the ambient sounds in the game really make you feel like you’re surviving on a mysterious planet.

2016-04-26 (12)


For a game that’s only been in development for five months, the groundwork for a great sci-fi survival title has been laid. Guild support is already supported in Fragmented as well as a solid crafting system. Players can learn new crafting recipes by upgrading your RPG-esque skill points. Want to learn how to make your favorite space hut? No problem. Upgrading your Construction skill can unlock everything from a small building to a Tech tower/garage and two-story building. In addition to the crafting system, players can remember various locations by placing map markers directly on the map. (great for remembering where that evil clan is you want to demolish!)


If you’re looking to purchase Fragmented, there are some things you must first know. This title is very much in Early Access. What you’re paying for when buying this game is the base experience. Controls in-game are not as fluent as they could be and minor bugs are present such as sound and graphic glitches. So if you can look past the minor, you’ll most likely enjoy the major part of this game. Overall, Fragmented is a fun addition to the survival genre and I look forward to watching its progress as it develops. Pick up your copy of Fragmented today on the Steam store page for $25! For more on Fragmented follow Mog Nation for the latest updates.