Welcome to 2018

By Kash - Posted Jan 5, 18

MOGGERS! Welcome to another year of gaming with our community. I hope the holiday season brought great memories with your friends and families. As we dive into 2018, MOG Nation members continue to play and chat about the games we love. We are constantly keeping our eyes on new games, so when one comes along where we can play together as a group, you know we'll be there. Many of our folks are playing on consoles almost exclusively so if you're looking for some PS4 action, hit up Daegory in the Console Division to meet up with MOG friends. If there are any XBox One players interested in leading the charge for our MOG Nation XBox group, let me know. MOG Nation is always open to gamers who love to create content. If you have a project you're working on and need some help, feel free to ask us! There is lots of talent within our roster. 

Most of our communication takes place on Discord, so if you haven't already, hop on over and join the daily discussion. Please check the forums from time to time for updates. Most of all, stay safe, keep gaming and enjoy the first days of 2018.

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