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Tinkermaven: The Formative Years

Tinkermaven was more intelligent than your average Goblin. With his father deployed to the front lines as a Horde Sapper in the conflict with the Alliance, Tinkermaven spent his formative years living with his Uncle Fizzlefinger on the island of Kezan. Much of his intellect came directly from watching his Ol’ Uncle.

Unlike many other Goblins, Tinkermaven feels a sense of honor and loyalty to the Horde for providing purpose to his family during the war. Although Tinkermaven lost his father to the war in a bomb supply mission gone awry (everyone knows Goblins and explosives don’t mix), he can’t forget how the wages his father sent home while serving the Horde provided for their security during those difficult years.

As a toddler, Tink spent many hours exploring the reaches of Uncle Fizzlefinger’s laboratory. Uncle Fizzlefinger was an amazing archanist researcher, but unfortunately not a very good arcane user, so he spent much of his time building useable Goblin gadgets to sell on the market. Much of his Uncle’s ingenuity was observed by Tinkermaven from below a workbench and he absorbed a great deal of it, transferring the knowledge to his own inventions later in his youth.

As he grew into a teenager, Tinkermaven continued his love of exploration on Kezan and the surrounding wilds. He would spend hours upon hours scouring every corner of his environment, eavesdropping on the locals and searching for new and useful items to add to his gadget construction supplies. Many hours were spent hunting, trapping and fishing for the local wildlife and camping in the wilderness in solitude with his various animal companions. Tinker would count the hours until he finished work in his Uncle’s shop and could venture into the wilds once more.

Despite his love of exploration and the outdoors, there is one thing in this world that absolutely makes Tinkermaven tick. Gems. Shiny, beautiful, “precious” Gems. Nothing will sway his attention into a transe-like state faster than a rare gem. Ever hear someone yell “SQUIRREL!” Yep, that’s Tinkermaven when he sees a raw gemstone. He swears he can feel the innate power emanating from them. When he picks one up, he can feel it pulsing in his hands. He keeps a huge collection of gemstones – ranging from healing crystals to meditation rocks.

He often takes to spelunking the local caves for days on end in search of new and undiscovered gem-laden rocks. He is hopelessly, indubitably addicted to the glitter and shine of these precious stones and he is always striving to find innovative ways to use them in his inventions. He’s also tapped into them as a power source for his engineering creations!

One of his most ingenious inventions, the Sawed-Off Bone-Obliterator Shotgun is at the top of his development list. This shotty will be an absolute game changer for hunters! If he could only find a power source worthy of it’s potential. It requires one thing that is in very short supply: the incredible power of the elusive Shadowruby. He's never actually held one in his hands, but he's read numerous scrolls about the mysterious stone. Extracted only from rich Leystone deposits, this precious gemstone is only found in the furthest, most treacherous reaches of Azeroth and Tinkermaven knows the dangers of what it takes to attain it. Or does he?

Feeling the confinement of his home city and a longing to explore and discover Azeroth’s hidden secrets (and gems, mostly it’s the gems) on his own terms, Tinkermaven will soon set out on a journey of his own. Untried. Untested. He will find his true purpose, even if it kills him (possibly multiple times). He longs to belong to something much larger than himself and his fellow Goblins….and mostly to have more gems than they do.

Journal Entry 18: Orcs

Kash posted Jul 9, 17

Journal Entry 18: Orcs

I spent some time in Orgrimmar recently after finishing a long campaign in the Ashenvale region. I needed some R&R, so I chose to explore (and drink) in this huge Horde City. Bart and I…..Oh by the way, Bart is a new pal of mine. I mentioned him a couple of journal entries ago, but didn’t elaborate. Let’s just say he saved my bacon in Ashenvale, literally. Any creature that save’s a man’s bacon is destined for a lifetime friendship. So, he’s stuck with me since. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned Javana. She still runs with me from time to time, especially when I’m on recon missions.

So anyway, Bart and I were tossin’ a few meads at the Broken Tusk when walks a massive Orc. He looked a bit wet under the collar, but nobody gave him any hell about it. I’m pretty sure it was because of his mere size. He was a sight to behold. Although his gear looked quite Vanilla, I’m pretty sure he could have squished my tiny goblin head between thumb and forefinger. Any-who, he sauntered up to the bar and ordered a flagon of mead. The poor sap didn’t have enough coin for a large flagon, so I flipped the barkeep a silver piece and settled his debt. The Orc turned my way, nodded and regarded me with a hearty “Zugg-Zugg”. I smiled, nodded and took a sip my own mead.

Well, that was enough. He caught his mug from a skillful slide of the barkeep, took a healthy swig and turned back my way. He introduced himself as “Beast” and graciously thanked me for the mead. This Orc had a very kind demeanor about him. When I inquired about his name, he said it was short for “Beastmode”, a nickname he received as a young Orc for his prowess in the ring of battle. Beast was from the Frostwolf Orc Clan, a proud clan of Orcs from Frostfire Ridge in Draenor. Apparently, Beast had set out on his own to gain more prowess as a warrior, so someday he could return home as a protector of his clan. Apparently, this was a rather non-traditional way of gaining battle experience for an Orc, but with the chaos happening across the land, it wasn’t uncommon for Orcs to branch out from their clans.

Beast carried on about his plans to travel the countryside in search of groups willing to brave some of the most formidable foes in the land, and maybe make a little coin and save some good creatures from harm in the process. He made no plans to stick to any one area, just to travel and find companions as he battled his way across Azeroth. Nuts!

We did make some plans to meet up again in our travels, wherever they may take us.  I really took a liking to the massive bucket-of-muscles. He was surprisingly kind and gentle despite his size and appearance. I hope to cross paths with Beast again.

Beast - Safe travels, to you, my friend. I hope to hear bard’s tales written about your grand adventures.

Journal Entry 17: Fizzlefinger

As I drift off to sleep in my bedroll each night, my thoughts turn to my Uncle Fizzlefinger. After the party on my last night in Kezan, the ensuing attack and a hasty retreat from the island, I never saw where my uncle ended up. There was chaos, fighting and screaming everywhere. After our boat was sunk and we were marooned in the Lost Isles, I never saw him amongst the refugees, either. 

I've thought about Uncle Fizz every day since. I know he made it out of there. He may have been getting a bit older, but he's a fighter, that one. His whole life, he led everyone to believe he wasn't skilled with magic. But I've seen what he can do. He never truly chose the arcanist's ways as a path in his life, but he was nonetheless intrigued by the art. He knew those spells. He could wave his hands and let loose with some powerful stuff. I know he could have fought his way out of that chaos that night. 

When the Kirin Tor would send recruiters around, he would simply let his spells fizzle in his hands. He was never selected (Hence his nickname, by the way). I never understood why he did that, until now. He did it for me. When the recruiters started visiting Kezan in search of new talent, I was but a wee goblin. If Uncle Fizz had been selected, I would have been placed with a foster family. He continued his life as a tinkerer instead of following his heart. All for me. 

Well, Uncle Fizz, I hope you made it out of there. Wherever you are, I miss you. And thank you. Tink Out.

Journal Entry: Day 16, Silverwind Refuge, Ashenvale

I’ve continued my campaign with Horde forces in Ashenvale. This area is the ancestral home of the Night Elves and they are surely fighting to keep it that way. It is a beautiful land, truth be told, but the Horde has established a foothold here to deforest portions of the lush landscape to fuel their war machine. Although I don’t enjoy what they are doing, in times of war, sacrifices must be made.

I continue to make startling discoveries in these enchanted lands. The spirits are real! The elements are real! Empowered by dark forces that I am yet to understand, some of these elements are infecting the land on an epic scale. I chanced upon a gathering of the Earthen Ring and three light elemental spirits preparing an assault on these dark forces. The Earthen Ring, I learned, is a shamanistic group dedicated to studying and preserving the elements. I don’t know what they saw in me, but before I knew it, I was being whisked up whisked up in the torrents of a talking tornado to face a giant fire elemental by the name of Lord Magmathar. Personally, I think they saw a sucker and needed a test subject to see if their tactics would work. Well, this sucker managed to extinguish their problem with a few expertly placed shots. Showed them, eh?

Well, my future is surely still yet to be told, hidden in some deck of inscription tarot cards, but my journey has surely taken an interesting turn. Here I wanted to explore the world, hunt, fish, mine and tinker, but I’ve stumbled upon a very intriguing adventure. I think I’m going to let destiny take the reigns. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I stick with the Horde, I’m going to see more of this world than I have ever dreamed. The best part: It’s on their bank roll.

Oh, and before I go, I befriended a bear. Tink Out.

Journal Entry: Day 15, The Darkmoon Faire

One thing I have discovered about this vast land is that there is mystery and intrigue around every corner. Today, I was sent on an errand to a Tauren settlement called Thunder Bluff. After my errand, I couldn’t help but overhear the chatter of the local Tauren folk. The talk of the town was a traveling carnival, the “Darkmoon Faire”.

Apparently, a band of sinister characters travels Azeroth and creates portals for patrons to travel to a spooky island of fun and games. I thought I’d check it out since I had some time to burn, so I asked around. A burly brown Tauren female politely directed me to the valley below Thunder Bluff. I thanked her and headed down the lift.

In the valley, I found a colorful set-up of tents and carnival workers who did a pretty good job of piquing my interest about the mysterious faire. So, I bought a ticket and walked through the portal.

Holy Murlocs! The Darkmoon Faire is a sight to behold! Located on an island in a wicked forest is an dark-themed, fully-staffed, working carnival. There are rides, games, races, duels, gear, crappy food and toys to be had! I spent the entire day at the fair. I played Whack-a-Gnoll, threw rings on a turtle’s back, blew up mechanical tonks, showed off my boomstick skills in a target shooting game, raced on a track on the back of an ugly bird and flew high in the sky on ethereal wings! I even got shot from a cannon! The best part is the prizes! Some of them are quite expensive, but I’m saving up my tickets! Not sure what I want just yet.

I’ve also heard tell from some of the carnies that the fishing is amazing around the island. So far, I’ve only been able to catch torn sails, empty rum bottles and the occasional Darkmoon Daggermaw, but I’ve heard some anglers have accidentally hooked some valuable loot in these waters. Well, not that I’ve seen, anyway.

What an amazing day. Somehow, though, it has seemed like some strange trip. A dream. Is this place real? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow, because I’ll be the first one back to the portal! For now, off to sleep. Tink Out!