Journal Entry: Day 14, Thunder Bluff

My last few days in Ashenvale have been rough. I completed several solo missions under Horde command and to this point, we’ve quelled the Alliance advance on Durotar. We also uncovered something quite sinister taking place in the forest. There is a green ooze in certain areas of the forest the shaman in base camp calls “The Fel”. He says when you see the Fel, you can bet demons are near. Boy were they! As I investigated this “fel” more closely, I found scores of demon spawn. They were foul and appeared dangerous, but I was surprised at how easily my boomstick took them down. There were gigantic, muscular demons with horns jutting from their heads and beautiful, female succubus charming demons with bat wings sprouted from their backs. I’ve never quite seen anything like it, but at this point, I guess anything is possible. Something tells me I’m going to see much stranger things on my journey.

Any-who, the base commander set me up with a room at the inn at Silverwing Refuge, which they are using as a forward base of operations. He ordered me to take a break and is putting me on a bird to a place called Thunder Bluff for some R & R. He wanted me to meet up with a friend of his, Kuna Thunderhorn, a Tauren bowyer. He said she’d have some nice upgrades for my hunting equipment. Well, my flight’s up. See you in Thunder Bluff. Tink Out.