Journal Entry: Day 15, The Darkmoon Faire

One thing I have discovered about this vast land is that there is mystery and intrigue around every corner. Today, I was sent on an errand to a Tauren settlement called Thunder Bluff. After my errand, I couldn’t help but overhear the chatter of the local Tauren folk. The talk of the town was a traveling carnival, the “Darkmoon Faire”.

Apparently, a band of sinister characters travels Azeroth and creates portals for patrons to travel to a spooky island of fun and games. I thought I’d check it out since I had some time to burn, so I asked around. A burly brown Tauren female politely directed me to the valley below Thunder Bluff. I thanked her and headed down the lift.

In the valley, I found a colorful set-up of tents and carnival workers who did a pretty good job of piquing my interest about the mysterious faire. So, I bought a ticket and walked through the portal.

Holy Murlocs! The Darkmoon Faire is a sight to behold! Located on an island in a wicked forest is an dark-themed, fully-staffed, working carnival. There are rides, games, races, duels, gear, crappy food and toys to be had! I spent the entire day at the fair. I played Whack-a-Gnoll, threw rings on a turtle’s back, blew up mechanical tonks, showed off my boomstick skills in a target shooting game, raced on a track on the back of an ugly bird and flew high in the sky on ethereal wings! I even got shot from a cannon! The best part is the prizes! Some of them are quite expensive, but I’m saving up my tickets! Not sure what I want just yet.

I’ve also heard tell from some of the carnies that the fishing is amazing around the island. So far, I’ve only been able to catch torn sails, empty rum bottles and the occasional Darkmoon Daggermaw, but I’ve heard some anglers have accidentally hooked some valuable loot in these waters. Well, not that I’ve seen, anyway.

What an amazing day. Somehow, though, it has seemed like some strange trip. A dream. Is this place real? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow, because I’ll be the first one back to the portal! For now, off to sleep. Tink Out!