Journal Entry 18: Orcs

By Kash - Posted Jul 9, 17

Journal Entry 18: Orcs

I spent some time in Orgrimmar recently after finishing a long campaign in the Ashenvale region. I needed some R&R, so I chose to explore (and drink) in this huge Horde City. Bart and I…..Oh by the way, Bart is a new pal of mine. I mentioned him a couple of journal entries ago, but didn’t elaborate. Let’s just say he saved my bacon in Ashenvale, literally. Any creature that save’s a man’s bacon is destined for a lifetime friendship. So, he’s stuck with me since. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned Javana. She still runs with me from time to time, especially when I’m on recon missions.

So anyway, Bart and I were tossin’ a few meads at the Broken Tusk when walks a massive Orc. He looked a bit wet under the collar, but nobody gave him any hell about it. I’m pretty sure it was because of his mere size. He was a sight to behold. Although his gear looked quite Vanilla, I’m pretty sure he could have squished my tiny goblin head between thumb and forefinger. Any-who, he sauntered up to the bar and ordered a flagon of mead. The poor sap didn’t have enough coin for a large flagon, so I flipped the barkeep a silver piece and settled his debt. The Orc turned my way, nodded and regarded me with a hearty “Zugg-Zugg”. I smiled, nodded and took a sip my own mead.

Well, that was enough. He caught his mug from a skillful slide of the barkeep, took a healthy swig and turned back my way. He introduced himself as “Beast” and graciously thanked me for the mead. This Orc had a very kind demeanor about him. When I inquired about his name, he said it was short for “Beastmode”, a nickname he received as a young Orc for his prowess in the ring of battle. Beast was from the Frostwolf Orc Clan, a proud clan of Orcs from Frostfire Ridge in Draenor. Apparently, Beast had set out on his own to gain more prowess as a warrior, so someday he could return home as a protector of his clan. Apparently, this was a rather non-traditional way of gaining battle experience for an Orc, but with the chaos happening across the land, it wasn’t uncommon for Orcs to branch out from their clans.

Beast carried on about his plans to travel the countryside in search of groups willing to brave some of the most formidable foes in the land, and maybe make a little coin and save some good creatures from harm in the process. He made no plans to stick to any one area, just to travel and find companions as he battled his way across Azeroth. Nuts!

We did make some plans to meet up again in our travels, wherever they may take us.  I really took a liking to the massive bucket-of-muscles. He was surprisingly kind and gentle despite his size and appearance. I hope to cross paths with Beast again.

Beast - Safe travels, to you, my friend. I hope to hear bard’s tales written about your grand adventures.