Journal Entry: Day 14, Thunder Bluff

My last few days in Ashenvale have been rough. I completed several solo missions under Horde command and to this point, we’ve quelled the Alliance advance on Durotar. We also uncovered something quite sinister taking place in the forest. There is a green ooze in certain areas of the forest the shaman in base camp calls “The Fel”. He says when you see the Fel, you can bet demons are near. Boy were they! As I investigated this “fel” more closely, I found scores of demon spawn. They were foul and appeared dangerous, but I was surprised at how easily my boomstick took them down. There were gigantic, muscular demons with horns jutting from their heads and beautiful, female succubus charming demons with bat wings sprouted from their backs. I’ve never quite seen anything like it, but at this point, I guess anything is possible. Something tells me I’m going to see much stranger things on my journey.

Any-who, the base commander set me up with a room at the inn at Silverwing Refuge, which they are using as a forward base of operations. He ordered me to take a break and is putting me on a bird to a place called Thunder Bluff for some R & R. He wanted me to meet up with a friend of his, Kuna Thunderhorn, a Tauren bowyer. He said she’d have some nice upgrades for my hunting equipment. Well, my flight’s up. See you in Thunder Bluff. Tink Out.

Journal Entry: Day 13, Mor’shan Rampart, Ashenvale

I’ve been called to the front! What in the holy wizzle fancies is happening? One second I’m doing some investigative work on the Venture Mining Company to help out some friendly Goblins I met, next minute I’m being whisked away to fight the Alliance! Apparently some Nightelven soldiers were trying to penetrate our lines between enemy-held Ashenvale and the Northern Barrens territory. But we’re stopping them cold at the Mor’shan Rampart. I’ve never fought like this! The Alliance can be brutally cunning!

I’ve been helping out a company of Orcs on patrols in the forest and we’ve run into quite a few skirmishes. I guess my hunting and scouting skills impressed someone in command. Now they are sending me deeper into the Ashenvale Forest to perform reconnaissance on enemy emplacements….alone. This ought to be interesting, since I’ve never done that before. Wish me luck. Better yet, wish me not-dead.

On the upside, the forests of Ashenvale are absolutely mezmorizing. The shades of lush greens and purples are truly a spectacle to behold. The ponds are crystal clear and although the fishing is so-so, I did catch a sizeable catfish. Yes, this is definitely hostile territory, but I’m finding quietly subtle ways to squeeze in my favorite past times despite the inherent dangers. Look, if I take an arrow in the knee while I’m fishing, so be it. At least I’ll go happy. Tink Out.

Journal Entry: Day 12, Durotar

Things move so quickly on this mainland of Kalimdor. For the last several days, I have been meeting up with agents of the Horde throughout the area completing various missions in the lands of Durotar. The locals tell me this area was named after a great Orcish war chief. Most of the missions have been reconnaissance, scouting or eradication of local wildlife. Although barren, this land has a certain charm that quickly grows on you. Make no mistake, it's friggen' hot out here, but I have discovered some hidden gems in Durotar. There are several oases to be discovered amongst the hilly landscapes bordering the desert valleys. Whether or not they are corrupted by wild, hostile Centaurs is a toss up, but the fishing is great in these hidden fresh ponds. 

I have to be honest, I don't know why the Orcs would have settled here, as the land of Durotar is quite harsh. It seems to be some kind of a proving ground for young Orcs before they are unleashed upon their adulthood and their traditional survivalist lifestyle. I will say, however, Orcs are fierce in combat. I'm sure glad they're siding with the Horde.

My skill with a bow is improving quickly. With Javana at my side, we have proven quite formidable in this land. I still have much to learn, but we're taking it slow. Plenty of rest, plenty of casual mining, and lots of fishing. I've picked up some local recipes for the fish fare in these parts, so you could say I am certainly not protein-deficient, and neither is Javana. I've even met a chef friend over in Orgrimmar and he's been pointing out some great hunting and fishing spots I plan to take advantage of, starting now. Tink Out.

Day 11, Rachet

On my way to do some fishing today, I found a port town by the name of Rachet on the Merchant Coast. It was a small town adorned with a tavern, a bank and some residences on the outskirts. It looks more like a fishing/trading and seafaring town than anything, not much to it. But there was, however, a little tinkering shop that caught my eye. Well, maybe not the shop itself, but the saucy little workshop assistant by the name of Liv Rizzlefix. She was a hot little number, species appropriate of course, working for some knuckle duster named Marvon Rivetseeker. Apparently he’s an inventor that went to some unknown town to do some research or some shizz. Who cares, actually. All I know is that he left this little vixen all by her lonesome. Maybe one day I’ll find him in my travels and challenge him to a duel for her hand. What? Who said that? Is that too fast? Get off my lawn, Rivetseeker!  Of course I’m kidding, right? Well she WAS hot. Look at the picture. She’s into me. So, the fishing was fruitful anyway……Tink Out!

Day 10, Durotar

I spent the day working my way towards this “Barrens” land. I did a lot of hunting, fishing, cooking and a bit of gem hunting on my day trip. It wasn’t quite the same without Chesapeake, but I made do. I pulled out one of my inventions, a Flux Capacitor robot prototype model I constructed last season. He’s small enough to fit in my pack, so I activated him and let him follow me around. It made the trek less lonely. Then he started picking fights with some of the local critters, which I found amusing, so I let him go at it.

I also had a strange encounter with a yellow spotted cat creature. It appeared to be a female, but unlike some of the other fauna in this strange land, she didn’t attack me on sight. She simply paralleled my route for several miles, quietly and inquisitively. When I stopped to roast some boar meat I had harvested, she slyly worked her way toward the aroma of raw meat. I threw a nice, juicy haunch in her direction and she practically inhaled it. Immediately after her effortless meal, she sat down right next to me! I tried to pet her, but she snarled a bit. After a few more scraps of meat, she warmed up nicely and let me rub the scruff of her neck.

I continued on my day hike to a place called “Crossroads”. I think I’ll hang around here for a few days before I get working on some jobs I acquired at the Horde Outpost. It seems like a good place to meet up with other adventuring types. Hopefully this beautiful cat sticks around. If she does, I think I’ll call her “Javana.” Tink Out.