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Tinkermaven: The Formative Years

Tinkermaven was more intelligent than your average Goblin. With his father deployed to the front lines as a Horde Sapper in the conflict with the Alliance, Tinkermaven spent his formative years living with his Uncle Fizzlefinger on the island of Kezan. Much of his intellect came directly from watching his Ol’ Uncle.

Unlike many other Goblins, Tinkermaven feels a sense of honor and loyalty to the Horde for providing purpose to his family during the war. Although Tinkermaven lost his father to the war in a bomb supply mission gone awry (everyone knows Goblins and explosives don’t mix), he can’t forget how the wages his father sent home while serving the Horde provided for their security during those difficult years.

As a toddler, Tink spent many hours exploring the reaches of Uncle Fizzlefinger’s laboratory. Uncle Fizzlefinger was an amazing archanist researcher, but unfortunately not a very good arcane user, so he spent much of his time building useable Goblin gadgets to sell on the market. Much of his Uncle’s ingenuity was observed by Tinkermaven from below a workbench and he absorbed a great deal of it, transferring the knowledge to his own inventions later in his youth.

As he grew into a teenager, Tinkermaven continued his love of exploration on Kezan and the surrounding wilds. He would spend hours upon hours scouring every corner of his environment, eavesdropping on the locals and searching for new and useful items to add to his gadget construction supplies. Many hours were spent hunting, trapping and fishing for the local wildlife and camping in the wilderness in solitude with his various animal companions. Tinker would count the hours until he finished work in his Uncle’s shop and could venture into the wilds once more.

Despite his love of exploration and the outdoors, there is one thing in this world that absolutely makes Tinkermaven tick. Gems. Shiny, beautiful, “precious” Gems. Nothing will sway his attention into a transe-like state faster than a rare gem. Ever hear someone yell “SQUIRREL!” Yep, that’s Tinkermaven when he sees a raw gemstone. He swears he can feel the innate power emanating from them. When he picks one up, he can feel it pulsing in his hands. He keeps a huge collection of gemstones – ranging from healing crystals to meditation rocks.

He often takes to spelunking the local caves for days on end in search of new and undiscovered gem-laden rocks. He is hopelessly, indubitably addicted to the glitter and shine of these precious stones and he is always striving to find innovative ways to use them in his inventions. He’s also tapped into them as a power source for his engineering creations!

One of his most ingenious inventions, the Sawed-Off Bone-Obliterator Shotgun is at the top of his development list. This shotty will be an absolute game changer for hunters! If he could only find a power source worthy of it’s potential. It requires one thing that is in very short supply: the incredible power of the elusive Shadowruby. He's never actually held one in his hands, but he's read numerous scrolls about the mysterious stone. Extracted only from rich Leystone deposits, this precious gemstone is only found in the furthest, most treacherous reaches of Azeroth and Tinkermaven knows the dangers of what it takes to attain it. Or does he?

Feeling the confinement of his home city and a longing to explore and discover Azeroth’s hidden secrets (and gems, mostly it’s the gems) on his own terms, Tinkermaven will soon set out on a journey of his own. Untried. Untested. He will find his true purpose, even if it kills him (possibly multiple times). He longs to belong to something much larger than himself and his fellow Goblins….and mostly to have more gems than they do.